Thursday, November 29, 2007

200 Blogs Old! and a CONTEST!

So here it is, my 200th post. That's a lot of mornings almost late to work! In trying to come up with a special post, I thought about reviews of some of my favorites, links to the tutorials, a special tutorial, and lots of other things. The fact is, the nature of blogging is like a diary--except for the first time in my life, I don't quit after 3 days because I hate reading my own voice. Since I'm writing to you, dear readers, I feel much better about baring my soul. It doesn't seem quite so sappy, although at times I can be overly dramatic (who, me? nah!)

This pic is from the Farmer's Market this weekend--I love all the antique ornaments!

So instead of looking back at at all my posts, I want to celebrate you guys because you have all been incredible--from your comments to bringing me gifts, even just hearing a perfect stranger say "I read your blog"--it's all been a huge thrill and it makes me excited to craft everyday just so I can show you and also to participate in this lovely world of craft blogs out in the world.

What does all that mean? It means I want to give you a gift! I'm going to take all the comments from this page, and draw 5 names to receive one of my new creations--a CUFFEE! (Coffee Cuff) or a Bookie--it will be your choice. And one special commenter will receive a Zipper Pouch. So just leave a quick comment--and everyone is eligible, even if we're related.

You have until Monday, December 3rd to comment, and if you come to see me in Chattanooga at the Farmer's Market this Sunday, I'll give you a Cuffee for free. Just tell me that you read this post.

Thanks to Freshie and my friend Wendy's mom for inspiring me about these Cuffees. Sharon gave me the idea, and then Freshie was actually carrying one with her--so surely people will use them, right? I mean, they'll just fit into the pocket of your purse. I've been using one for a couple of days now and it's so nice, even on my glasses. I just love the feel of the cotton fabric instead of the cold glass.

Here is a stack of them waiting to be stitched. They really appeal to my love of production.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Strength through Determination

Hey folks! I'm still here, I'm not ignoring the blog. My morning time (when I used to blog ) is consumed with walking off this delicious meal--and many others--you see here. We had mini-Turkey day with Jason's sister--all the food, but in smaller portions.

And if you're wondering if I've been working--I have been I spent 2 nights this week painting these designs at a friend's house for her 5 year old and 7 year old. They were great--I miss being around kids because they are the best comedians.

Both of these paintings are abou 6 ft wide. Speaking of painting--do any of you know much about Chattanooga? I'm going to have a booth there next Sunday, and I'd like to work on a Chattanooga painting. I can't go to the skyline, because, well, there isn't much of one. Flickr didn't seem to be much help either, so I'm relying on my old blog friends to give me a muse.

By the way, I didn't celebrate my first year of blogging because i think it's taken me longer than a year to blog in a quality manner--if I have yet. BUT! This here is my 199th post, and when I post my 200th this week, I'm going to have a little contest with a PRIZE! So stay tuned. And as long as the weather looks like this

chances are I'll get to the 200th post this week. (my backyard is a jungle when it think's I'm not looking...I just don't have the energy to beat it back)

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Monday, November 19, 2007

MamaMade Wrap Up

It was so great to...
--see such talented women
--hang out in such a cool space
--sit next to Freshie and gab
--dance around to Freshie's iPod with Jenni and Freshie
--trade all manner of quality items for Christmas gifts
--have people buy the things I made and seem so happy about it
--meet some of my blog readers--Kristi even brought me a present! that was a first!
--be packed and home by 4pm so I could take a good long nap after working so many hours in the past few days

more photos on my flickr site.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

MamaMade Open House TOMORROW!!

Y'all, please come out and see me tomorrow! I'll have lots of holiday gift items, kid and baby related stuff, and so many pretty things. And lots of my friends will too! Especially Freshie---perfect jewelry for gifts!

The openhouse is on Nolensville Road, just south of 440 and Thompson Lane at New Song Fellowship church. It goes from 9am-2pm, and there will be treats and music!

Date and Time: Saturday, November 17, 2007 from 9am- 2pm
Location: New Song Christian Fellowship, Woodbine (in the coffeehouse basement)
Address: 2949 Nolensville Pike, Nashville TN 37211

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Photo Report

I use this tutorial for my zippered pouches--it's brilliant!!

My friend Shona is posting only photos this week while she busily works behind the scenes for a studio tour this weekend.

I'm going to be a copy cat and do the same.
Here are some buntings in progress:

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Lists for the Neurotic in All of Us

Number of days to MAMAMADE 2007: 5

Number of days to the Chattanooga Sunday Market: 20

Number of projects on my plate: O, Thousands!

Number of minutes spent sewing this week: 218 (approx.)

Number of minutes spent exercising: 405 (EXACTLY)

Christmas Gifts purchased: 2

People to buy gifts for: O, Thousands!

MAMAMade Items:

LUNCH TOTES! Finished: 5

These lunch totes are insulated, oh so pretty and born out of necessity! I must pack in my own food everyday to work, lest I be tempted by the vending machine Sirens. And those puny lunch bags gross me out with their unwashable plastic and only enough space for a couple sticks 'o celery and a Capri Sun. So I made myself a big ole bag that I can throw in the wash and get rid of that fat-free dressing spilled last Tuesday.

finished: 20

Wire wreaths! Finished: 2 (and hopefully more to come, depending on your reaction!)

Bibs! Finished: 12

On The Go Wallets! Finished: 6

Assorted totes, cd boxes, etc! O, Thousands

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Friday, November 09, 2007

And you thought I'd never finish it....

But I have finished it! Finally! My original 18 block round robin quilt turned into 36 blocks. Ouch! And I finally got it all quilted using my normal little worker bee machine and my mom AKA "the craft fairy" finally came through and finished the binding for me. Sheesh! About time! Just kiddin', ma!

For background story--my family is full of extremely talented seamstresses---I'm like the kid in the single A minor league club who sits on the bench most of the time. For this challenge, all 9 of us chose ten fat quarters that would make up our own quilt blocks. We made two 9.5 inch blocks for ourselves, then packed up our blocks and all the fabric )including teeny tiny scraps! and sent them to the next person in line. We sent blocks literally from coast to coast--Vacaville, California, then Auxvasse, Troy, and Elsberry Missouri, to Nashville, to Johnson City Tennessee, to New York City.

The block moved each month, and you were free to make any block your heart desired. My blocks for Gran were a little out there, and they were put into curtains, but at least they got used!

After my blocks came back, my cousin Kimmy was evil and said "wow, it sure would look nice if you didn't have any sashing and just made 36 blocks for the whole quilt" Thanks, pal. Actually, though I think it looks spectacular. She's got a good eye, that one.

Here are some pics and links from previous posts documenting the progress (hey--4 months longer than the gestation period of an elephant) by the way--did you know elephants are pregnant for 21 months? Crazy! They earned the right to be lard asses.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Art by Association

Here is a link to my boyfriend Jason's new Etsy site. He's the most amazing artist--can draw anything, but especially excels at anything zombie, ninja, or mutant related. Like I've said before, not really my style, but brilliant just the same.

There are only a couple of things in his store right now, things that he drew and we printed together, but stay tuned for more to come!

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happy friggin' fall

I'm so glad that there is now light in the early morning--but I'm freezing my tookas off during my morning walk. Oh well. At least my tookas is coming off, not going on.

Tonight I went to the new Whole Foods in oh-so-chic Green Hills neighborhood in Nashville. And I went after going to the gym in that same land of slender, wealthy people. So it was 8pm, and I was starving to the point of irrationality. That store is like the Ikea of groceries! (and you know how I love IKEA) I actually stopped and said this to myself in my head: "wow, it even smells like Ikea in here, I better not make that association or I will never leave." Remember what I just said about irrational thinking? Yeah. I'm just gonna embrace it.

I wandered the aisles and felt sorry for myself over all the organic junk food I will never eat again. Gourmet chips, and and entire food-by-the-pound bar for desserts. Good thing they're not charging me by MY pounds.

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

This is my family.

My mom and sister worked hard on this costume all day today. Yeah. The best part is that Lauren is only half of the costume. The other half is her friend dressing as Willie Nelson.

And I'm here, after all, friends. I'm just so buried under everything right now. Upcoming shows, Freelance work, sweeps time at my "real" job, and I'm doing Weight Watchers which means goodbye to 5 minute meals, hello home cooking. Which takes a lot of effort. I have been losing weight--15 pounds in 7 weeks! I could totally evangelize about the "Watchers" but I'll save it.

I hope to blog more this week. I've been working. I swear. I finished a quilt for Pete's Sake! I need to blog about it soon!

I made these most delicious and nutritious Sweet Potato chips--and dipped them in my homemade mustard. Oh man, I can't explain how delicious they were! Just sliced a potato thinly and spray with olive oil Pam, sea salt and pepper, and bake at 450 for 20 minutes.

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