Saturday, April 07, 2007

NYC yeah you know me!

I love the way I travel. I love to do all the little neighborhood-y and non touristy things. I want to go to a great restaurant where I might go if I lived there myself. In New York, though, there's so much to do, that a little (or a lot) of pre-trip research helps to narrow my range of options and i really need that.

One night after training was over I hopped the subway and went to SoHo to Kate's Paperie. The security guard yelled at me for taking this photo, but this firms my belief that it's better to beg fro forgiveness than ask permission. She would have had to wrestle that camera from my cold dead hands.

Then yesterday I was waiting on my cuz Kimmie to meet me, so I popped into a little cafe in Chelsea and got myself a treat. Banana cream pie cake or an oreo brownie? Hmm. I choose wrong. The BCP was like cement. I should have known better when I saw the dyed-green marachino cherry on top. Oh well, live and learn. While I sat there contemplating throwing out the BCP and spending another $2 on the oreo brownie, I saw a woman riding her bike uptown against traffic and the most bitterly cold wind. Not unusual, until I saw the source of her ungainly balance: she had the largest size bag of Kate's Paperie stuff on the handle bars and it was weighing down the left side of the bike. Oh the things we do for craft supplies!!

I'm apologizing right now for talking about things on this trip that I don't have pics of. It's freezing cold and windy, and sometimes I just don't want to take out the camera. Today we're exploring all over town, though, and I'll try to be good.

I'm going to try to talk my crafty cuz Kim into guest blogging--which would be a special gift for you guys! (Hey Kim! by the way, do you want to guest blog? Okay, great, I'll send you the passwords and stuff!)

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Great stuff! I wish I could have gone to new york!

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