Sunday, October 04, 2009

Oktoberfest Lederhosen Tutorial

It's been a long time since I've posted a tutorial here. In honor of Oktoberfest, a lederhosen tutorial! Well, the cheap and easy way to do it anyway.

You could rent costumes like my sister and her boyfriend...or just grab a long sleeve t-shirt and an iron!

Suppplies needed:
white t-shirt
1/8 yard of black cotton
1/8 yard fusible web
Sewing machine with a zig zag stitch
1/4 yard of German Awesomeness

Step 1: iron t-shirt and black fabric

Step 2: according to the package instructions, apply the fusible web to the black fabric only

Step 3: draw out 2 suspenders pieces. You may need to measure these on your model to fit properly. Draw out the shape for the yoke.

Step 4: cut out these shapes

Step 5: peel off backing, place black shapes on t-shirt and iron to securely fasten.

You could be done at this point if you don't have time for the sewing machine. We all know how lederhosen emergencies just can't wait some times! You could get a fabric pen or puff paint and draw on the black part.

Proceed if you have sewing potential:

Step 6: stitch around all pieces with a zig-zag stitch

Step 7: Put the feed dogs down on your sewing machine and move the fabric around to create a design or write your name.

Step 8: Use your German Awesomeness or borrow some to make this Oktoberfest the best!

Posted by Beth Howard @ 5:19 PM

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mom told me about the costumes and i had to look i expected full blown german clothes but those outfits are much better good job and i hope you enojoyed your bratworst and beer bubba the transformation into your father is complete its almost an exact replica

Posted by Anonymous sabrina @ 8:07 PM #

Wow....for that signature German look. Cute and practical! Looks like you all had fun, too!

Posted by Blogger kim @ 7:42 AM #

Fabulous. Feel like a German for a Day during beer trinken Oktoberfest! Ya! Ya! =D

Posted by Blogger Money Funk @ 11:22 AM #


Posted by Blogger KristenMary @ 3:43 PM #

Jason looks just like a little ol' wine maker! Love the pictures. I hear from your dad that you all had a great time. Is there any way I can subscribe to your blog? Email me at


Posted by Blogger FOR THE SAKE OF TIME @ 2:13 PM #

Charla - Can't spell today!!

Posted by Blogger FOR THE SAKE OF TIME @ 2:14 PM #

Wow what a nice techniques. I 'll try to do the same. I hope that i 'll also get the same finishing. Thanks for guiding.

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