Sunday, November 25, 2007

Strength through Determination

Hey folks! I'm still here, I'm not ignoring the blog. My morning time (when I used to blog ) is consumed with walking off this delicious meal--and many others--you see here. We had mini-Turkey day with Jason's sister--all the food, but in smaller portions.

And if you're wondering if I've been working--I have been I spent 2 nights this week painting these designs at a friend's house for her 5 year old and 7 year old. They were great--I miss being around kids because they are the best comedians.

Both of these paintings are abou 6 ft wide. Speaking of painting--do any of you know much about Chattanooga? I'm going to have a booth there next Sunday, and I'd like to work on a Chattanooga painting. I can't go to the skyline, because, well, there isn't much of one. Flickr didn't seem to be much help either, so I'm relying on my old blog friends to give me a muse.

By the way, I didn't celebrate my first year of blogging because i think it's taken me longer than a year to blog in a quality manner--if I have yet. BUT! This here is my 199th post, and when I post my 200th this week, I'm going to have a little contest with a PRIZE! So stay tuned. And as long as the weather looks like this

chances are I'll get to the 200th post this week. (my backyard is a jungle when it think's I'm not looking...I just don't have the energy to beat it back)

Posted by Beth Howard @ 10:41 PM

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Oh I still wish I were going to the market with you. I had a great time Saturday, thank you.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 8:05 AM #

Hello! I am a fellow Nashville crafter. Are you going to be in the craft fair this Sunday at the Factory? I can't remember if I met you at the last Craft Mafia meeting. Any hoo, I will be at the craft fair and hope to meet you!

Also, I used to live in Chattanooga but unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the skyline or the city in general. (I can send you gobs of goofy family pix if you want them!) ;-) I Googled a couple of things and came across this website:
Maybe it will help.

Good luck!

Posted by Anonymous Tiffany @ 10:50 PM #

Oh I LOVE that picture, I just want to creep through those trees.
Do you mind being tagged?

Posted by Blogger I like to make stuff! @ 4:46 AM #
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