Friday, November 09, 2007

And you thought I'd never finish it....

But I have finished it! Finally! My original 18 block round robin quilt turned into 36 blocks. Ouch! And I finally got it all quilted using my normal little worker bee machine and my mom AKA "the craft fairy" finally came through and finished the binding for me. Sheesh! About time! Just kiddin', ma!

For background story--my family is full of extremely talented seamstresses---I'm like the kid in the single A minor league club who sits on the bench most of the time. For this challenge, all 9 of us chose ten fat quarters that would make up our own quilt blocks. We made two 9.5 inch blocks for ourselves, then packed up our blocks and all the fabric )including teeny tiny scraps! and sent them to the next person in line. We sent blocks literally from coast to coast--Vacaville, California, then Auxvasse, Troy, and Elsberry Missouri, to Nashville, to Johnson City Tennessee, to New York City.

The block moved each month, and you were free to make any block your heart desired. My blocks for Gran were a little out there, and they were put into curtains, but at least they got used!

After my blocks came back, my cousin Kimmy was evil and said "wow, it sure would look nice if you didn't have any sashing and just made 36 blocks for the whole quilt" Thanks, pal. Actually, though I think it looks spectacular. She's got a good eye, that one.

Here are some pics and links from previous posts documenting the progress (hey--4 months longer than the gestation period of an elephant) by the way--did you know elephants are pregnant for 21 months? Crazy! They earned the right to be lard asses.

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What a fun way to stay connected with family. Your quilt looks great. What size is it finished?

Posted by Blogger Lisa @ 1:29 PM #
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