Sunday, August 31, 2008

Scenes from the Day before the wedding

Future bro-in law chopping for the shrimp boil.

Pile o' stuff to take to the wedding site.

Today's the day! I feel a little shaky, but not nervous, just like I might start crying for no reason. Oh well, suck it up, girl! You've got decorating to do!


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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Alternative Guest Book

Instead of having a written book with guests names, I decided to spice it up a little. I made a screen and printed my wedding pattern onto fabric, cut them into 5 inch squares, and will have guests sign them with a pigma pen. Then I'm gonna make a quilt out of them.

5 days and counting!


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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wedding Decorations

Here's Jason working diligently on decorations for our wedding. The reception hall is rather plain, and since we had several large canvases sitting around, I thought...hey! Why not add some color on the walls?

I took a hair dye bottle from Sally Beauty supply and put watered down brown paint in it, and drew the designs, then it was a family collaboration to paint inside the lines in wedding colors.

A couple of the designs seem sorta 70s, but that's okay. The music at the ceremony is going to be very 70s singer/songwriter.


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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Getting Showered is Great!

Last night was my 4th and Final wedding shower. This one was more casual, beachy in theme, and was with my mom's side of the family. I didn't take any photos, like an idiot, but I took some this morning of a most fantastic gift.

These pillowcases were made by hand by an 85 year old Missouri woman. Apparently she does it all the time! I just can't believe how finely crafted they are--not to mention the fun and totally awesome color palette! I mean, wouldn't you expect like a dusty rose/country blue/yellow kind of thing?

I just gushed and gushed about these. I got lots of lovely household gifts, of course. And it was so nice to see everyone. Now that we're living back here I can see everyone more often, and it was nice to tell them goodbye, knowing that in just a week and a half, I'll see them again! (Gulp.)


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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Let the countdown begin

My lovely aunt and cousin threw me a bridal shower for my dad's side of the family this weekend. It was so adorable! The lunches were all in boxes at each person's seat, the tables were immaculately set. My aunt says she wants the following on her headstone: Elaine always did set a LOVELY table."--and it would be the absolute truth!

My mom, sister and I did a dry run to the St. Louis wholsale flower market very early Saturday morning. My dear cousin Kim is doing the flowers for the wedding--flying in from New York!--and she's getting them from Baisch and Skinner, so we wanted to make sure everything would work out with our wholesale number, etc. And it was so fun! I bought flowers to make bouquets for the shower hosts, and it was so fun, too!

Everyone tells you what a stressful time it is, and that's true, but honestly I just don't believe in being stress about the WEDDING. It's one day. It's the MARRIAGE you should spend time on. If the wedding isn't fun or a happy time, go to the courthouse!

Personally, I think it's hard not to be ecstatically happy at this time--despite the stress of a new job, moving, blah blah blah. Just choose to be happy. Cry on your lunchbreak and be done with it. Then be happy again! (and tell your new boss that it's just hormones, you're not really crazy)

2 weeks from today at this exact time, I'll be gettin' down on the dance floor--as a married woman! This is a quick update post. I think I'm going to opt for photo and caption posts for a little while here, until things calm down a little. I'm much more likely to get on here and post if I know I'm not going to write a novel.


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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

House for Sale

I know that this is sort of a cheater post, but I think I need to do whatever it takes to sell my house. Here are the specs: 1215 Catina Drive, Nashville, TN 37217 800 square feet, 2 bedroom 1 bath, huge yard, including a secluded backyard where you can't even see the neighbors behind the house at all. Huge walk out basement with potential for a studio, woodshop, etc. Beautiful original hardwood floors throughout, brand new windows and siding.

Situated on a quiet tree-lined street. The house is 5 miles from downtown, and 5 minutes from the airport. Right between I-40 and I-24, it's in a great location. MLS# is 1008062 go to

If I can ever get outside my office with my camera, I'm going to do a post about the glories small town living!

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Friday, August 08, 2008

Last Days in Nashville

Bobby's Dairy Dip on Charlotte. Now, I know people LUV Bobby's and I'll admit that it's a great place--nostalgic, etc. But I'm never happy with what I order. That very well might be my problem. I'm a chronically terrible restaurant orderer. My words are not in agreement with my stomach, so I blurt out "Heath Bar Low-Fat, No-Sugar, All Bad Stuff-Free Child's size cone, please" When what I meant to say is "Large brownie and banana custard concrete, NOW."

And this is Monell's. Where to start. This restaurant was 2 blocks from my first apartment. It's in the heart of Germantown, which is just a half mile north of downtown in a little neighborhood founded my ... Germans in the mid-1800's. The Catholic Church they have there is exactly like the one my mom grew up in in Missouri and was built in the same time. Monell's is in an old house where you sit around a huge dining table with new friends and always pass to the left.

I've been to Monell's way too many times. When trying to talk people into going, Jason and I rattle off the huge variety of food. We have it memorized. Definitely the best for breakfast in the whole city. Biscuits, pancakes, scrambled eggs, skillet potatoes, cheese grits, corn pudding, and FRIED CHICKEN. Oh, and a huge bucket O' Pork. Bacon, Sausage, Country Ham. Oh, and sweet tea. Yeah. I say I'm not a fan of Southern food, but Monell's is the exception. I skip the grits.

We're moving this weekend, so I'll be back later next week.

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