Friday, August 08, 2008

Last Days in Nashville

Bobby's Dairy Dip on Charlotte. Now, I know people LUV Bobby's and I'll admit that it's a great place--nostalgic, etc. But I'm never happy with what I order. That very well might be my problem. I'm a chronically terrible restaurant orderer. My words are not in agreement with my stomach, so I blurt out "Heath Bar Low-Fat, No-Sugar, All Bad Stuff-Free Child's size cone, please" When what I meant to say is "Large brownie and banana custard concrete, NOW."

And this is Monell's. Where to start. This restaurant was 2 blocks from my first apartment. It's in the heart of Germantown, which is just a half mile north of downtown in a little neighborhood founded my ... Germans in the mid-1800's. The Catholic Church they have there is exactly like the one my mom grew up in in Missouri and was built in the same time. Monell's is in an old house where you sit around a huge dining table with new friends and always pass to the left.

I've been to Monell's way too many times. When trying to talk people into going, Jason and I rattle off the huge variety of food. We have it memorized. Definitely the best for breakfast in the whole city. Biscuits, pancakes, scrambled eggs, skillet potatoes, cheese grits, corn pudding, and FRIED CHICKEN. Oh, and a huge bucket O' Pork. Bacon, Sausage, Country Ham. Oh, and sweet tea. Yeah. I say I'm not a fan of Southern food, but Monell's is the exception. I skip the grits.

We're moving this weekend, so I'll be back later next week.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 7:24 AM

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i bet you will miss this place: you can hear the affection in your "voice"!

did you have a fave BBQ joint?

Posted by Blogger Kristi @ 8:19 AM #

I never would have guessed those 2 spots, but OH so very Nashville.

By sweetie, I am really going to miss you.

BUT I'll see you in a couple weeks for Missouri wedding no. 2.

WOW! I'm REALLY going to miss you.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 4:09 PM #
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