Sunday, August 17, 2008

Let the countdown begin

My lovely aunt and cousin threw me a bridal shower for my dad's side of the family this weekend. It was so adorable! The lunches were all in boxes at each person's seat, the tables were immaculately set. My aunt says she wants the following on her headstone: Elaine always did set a LOVELY table."--and it would be the absolute truth!

My mom, sister and I did a dry run to the St. Louis wholsale flower market very early Saturday morning. My dear cousin Kim is doing the flowers for the wedding--flying in from New York!--and she's getting them from Baisch and Skinner, so we wanted to make sure everything would work out with our wholesale number, etc. And it was so fun! I bought flowers to make bouquets for the shower hosts, and it was so fun, too!

Everyone tells you what a stressful time it is, and that's true, but honestly I just don't believe in being stress about the WEDDING. It's one day. It's the MARRIAGE you should spend time on. If the wedding isn't fun or a happy time, go to the courthouse!

Personally, I think it's hard not to be ecstatically happy at this time--despite the stress of a new job, moving, blah blah blah. Just choose to be happy. Cry on your lunchbreak and be done with it. Then be happy again! (and tell your new boss that it's just hormones, you're not really crazy)

2 weeks from today at this exact time, I'll be gettin' down on the dance floor--as a married woman! This is a quick update post. I think I'm going to opt for photo and caption posts for a little while here, until things calm down a little. I'm much more likely to get on here and post if I know I'm not going to write a novel.


Posted by Beth Howard @ 11:03 PM

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She sure does know how to set a table! Wow! Such a talented family, you have!

YOU ARE SOOOO RIGHT about the wedding/marriage thing. Enjoy the day, tuck away as many perfect moments as you can into your brain, but know that the BEST comes after (and after, and after, and after) the show-y, fancy wedding day.

Happy for you, Beth!

Posted by Blogger Tisra @ 8:54 AM #

Gran tried to describe the shower, but the pictures you posted are so much better. It looks beautiful! Elaine knows how to do it right.
Wishing you the best!
Aunt Susie

Posted by Blogger Susan @ 9:04 AM #

I cannot believe it's in 2 weeks! Here are my 2 weeks, a funeral, Bruce Springsteen concert + your wedding. All over the place.

I am looking forward to seeing Columbia, Mo. My best friend growing up went to Missu (sp?) + I thought "when the Hell am I ever going to go to Columbia, Mo." Ok, so she turned out the be not such a great friend + I did not go to Columbia to visit her. SO that makes you a GREAT friend. Does this sound logical? I'm still waking up.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 11:17 AM #

Your aunt is fabulous. I want to be in your family. I am hoping that I will be present and accounted for at your wedding celebration. I am sad that you are not here making Nashville lovely anymore, but very excited for all that is unfolding in your Missou world.

much love!

Posted by Blogger hezza @ 2:32 PM #

What a cute set-up and congrats!

Your wedding will be a perfect day...but you are right it's only for one day. The marriage is the important part.

Posted by Anonymous Dawn @ 9:33 AM #
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