Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Getting Showered is Great!

Last night was my 4th and Final wedding shower. This one was more casual, beachy in theme, and was with my mom's side of the family. I didn't take any photos, like an idiot, but I took some this morning of a most fantastic gift.

These pillowcases were made by hand by an 85 year old Missouri woman. Apparently she does it all the time! I just can't believe how finely crafted they are--not to mention the fun and totally awesome color palette! I mean, wouldn't you expect like a dusty rose/country blue/yellow kind of thing?

I just gushed and gushed about these. I got lots of lovely household gifts, of course. And it was so nice to see everyone. Now that we're living back here I can see everyone more often, and it was nice to tell them goodbye, knowing that in just a week and a half, I'll see them again! (Gulp.)


Posted by Beth Howard @ 4:00 PM

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Oh my, those pillowcases are so lovely... Her work is incredible... I love the colors... they are wonderful:)

Posted by Blogger Shelly G and Hope P @ 7:43 PM #

Those are truly amazing. And congrats to you on your stellar outlook re: marriage and weddings! Many brides could take a lesson from you. I hope it all goes perfectly for you!

Posted by Blogger Kristi @ 11:47 AM #

You'll have sweet dreams with those for sure. 4 showers! Oh my. That's a lot of love.

Posted by Blogger perfect bound @ 12:45 PM #
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