Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wedding Decorations

Here's Jason working diligently on decorations for our wedding. The reception hall is rather plain, and since we had several large canvases sitting around, I thought...hey! Why not add some color on the walls?

I took a hair dye bottle from Sally Beauty supply and put watered down brown paint in it, and drew the designs, then it was a family collaboration to paint inside the lines in wedding colors.

A couple of the designs seem sorta 70s, but that's okay. The music at the ceremony is going to be very 70s singer/songwriter.


Posted by Beth Howard @ 10:44 PM

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Hold tha door, sis-ta! 70's singer/ songwriter music? I may have to re-think the conversation we had last night.

Have the best day EVER!

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 11:34 AM #

These will be soooo cool at your wedding and as a keepsake afterward!

Posted by Blogger daisy janie : scoutie girl @ 8:07 PM #

They look great and only you would think to do paintings as decorations for your wedding. I can't wait to see the pictures!!


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 7:02 PM #
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