Monday, April 23, 2007

Progress and production (s)

I carved my arm off this weekend. I actually tried to blame Jason for hitting me in the arm because it was sore. Then I remembered all the carving. Do you ever have one of those moments when you wish you still lived with your mom? No, I don't mean so she will cook a delicious and nutritious meal without any brain-crunching effort on your part, or the I-just-need-to-be-a-baby way. I mean the "Hey Mom! Hey Mom! Hey Mom!!!! Look what I made!!" way. I seriously considered e-mailing my mom this print and then calling her to check her e-mail and praise me for the brilliance of it. Then I realized, um, she's at work, and cannot be at my beck and call every moment of the day. (Plus, she reads this blog now regularly, and she'll see it soon enough).

Anyway! the point is that I'm so stinkin' proud of it! I was really worried that my smaller scratches for the architectural stuff weren't going to come through. Turns out, I should have done more!! It's of this plaza in Tarragona, Spain. I forget every time about the flipping of the image. Oh well. Lovely little town. I printed a few quick prints, but I need to get some better paper, and think about color, etc. before I go into serious production. Not too shabby, though, if I may say so.

I used my trusty little hand press and simple cheap Speedball carving tools and inks. It's pretty simple around here.

I also made--count 'em-- 4 whole bags this weekend inspired by bags I saw in my travels. Here is one. The shaving kit bag is my own design. After I made a zippered box bag from an Amy Butler pattern, and it took me 6 hours both times I did it, I did this in a mere 2, plus the 30 min. or so I spent sewing the lining in by hand while watching the CMT music videos awards.

I don't work until noon today, so I'm back to the cutting mat for more sewing happiness. Now if I could only bring myself to make several of the same bag, I would really be using my time wisely. We'll see.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 10:34 AM

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fantastic prints. I am fascinated by beautiful buildings. Love to see them in black and white lines like that.

When I finish something I am really proud of I call my mom and make her go to my blog with me on the phone. That way I get immediate mamma praise. There's nothing like it!

Posted by Blogger Laura Gunn Studio @ 2:47 AM #

Wow, Laura, you really do have a new baby!! Your comment posted at 2:47AM! Maybe he'll grow up to call you everytime he does something he likes!

It's great to have a mom, isn't it?

Posted by Blogger Beth Howard @ 7:38 AM #

Love your print! It looks stunning.

Posted by Blogger mohairpink @ 6:30 PM #
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