Monday, January 08, 2007

XMas Gift Review #1

I guess I'm compensating for shirking my printmaking classes in school at the University of Missouri in Columbia. I took photography and used one of my fibers classes as a "printmaking in fibers" (the head of undergrad studies loved me. He also let me take a 3 hour calligraphy course taught by my graphic design teacher and count it as drawing.) Truth be told, now I really wish I had taken printmaking.

I drew out this little dogwood--which looks a little like a hibiscus. And carved the first outline. I mixed up some "ink" from acrylic paints. Not the greatest, but I just couldn't drag myself out to the art store yet again. After printing about 30 or so, I realized I hadn't been making registration marks. Oops! This is why the final prints are a little off, but I kind of like it. Not technically perfect, but lovely just the same.

See my little black press in that there picture? I got it from my sweet boyfriend for Christmas. It came from Utrecht, and was about $40. It only prints things 6" x8", but it's a whole lot better than the wooden spoon method. At least, I printed tons of these in a just a few hours.

What should I carve next? Hmm.. maybe I'll put a couple of the nicer ones up on Etsy. But not right now. It's all I can do to get a blog post out every couple of days. I have a cold that is kicking my butt, and a job that demands actual brain power (darn it!) I can't do links from Safari, but when I get home today, I'll try to make some links in this post. Hang in there with me!

My friend Carrie made this incredible print. She only made 2 of them, and I basically commanded her to give me one of the prints. I love it so much!!

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They're lovely, Beth. I really want to learn to do this. I love the vibrant colors and your friends print in great, as well.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 11:54 AM #

I love those little presses, I bought a "vintage" version from a flea market for about $20 - definitely better than the wooden spoon method.

When were you at MU!?! I was there ages ago (from '89 to '94)... took printmaking with Brooke Cameron & larry Rugulo & Fibers (papermaking) with Jo Stealy

looks like you're doing fine w/o those printmaking classes btw.

-Nicki Deyton

Posted by Blogger Nicole deyton @ 11:17 PM #

I went to Mizzou 98-02, and loved every minute. My sisters both go there now. It's really a great town. I had many, many classes with Jo Stealey. She is an amazing woman. Such a huge influence on my life and art.

Thanks for dropping by! If you look through the archives, I talk about columbia and mizzou quite a bit...

Posted by Blogger Beth Howard @ 12:47 AM #
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