Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oh so precious

I know that from time to time, I am just a little obsessive. Seriously. But this has really gone too far. I carried this bag around with me ALL DAY yesterday, shamelessly calling impromptu Show & Tell sessions with my co-workers who were trying to..well...work. It's like a child who gets a favorite toy and must take it EVERYWHERE for a certain amount of time. Well. I'm leaving it home today. (I'll miss you, my little bread bag)

I toiled over Amy Butler's In Stitches book and 5 hours later have this little beauty. I added a couple of details myself. All in all, it was a great set of directions. And let me tell you: This girl does NOT read directions (or destructions as I usually call them) I think the next bag will go faster, and i have some plans to customize. Overall, I highly recommend this book. I've now made 3 projects out of it, and am a better sewist for it. Very informative and practical. Go out and get it (or get it on Amazon, which will save you at least $10.) Happy Tuesday!

Posted by Beth Howard @ 9:03 AM

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girl, you have not stopped!! I wish I could get as many things accomplished as you...congrats!

oh and i LOVE that bag!!! I have been eyeing that book, too. I think it'll be on my Christmas list!

hope to see you Saturday if I can make it!!


Posted by Anonymous Jenn (knittyJenn) @ 10:30 PM #
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