Thursday, February 01, 2007

Another little obsession

Here' something I should have written on my list of "6 weird things"from a couple of weeks ago: I Like Really Tiny Things. For those of you reading this who have had the pleasure of being in my physical presence, you know I am not a tiny or delicate person-- I always longed to be dainty, but ain't nuthin' dainty about a 6 foot tall girl. No way round it. So I guess maybe I love really tiny things because I myself long to be tiny. I loved miniatures when I was a kid. you know, like a 2 inch tall gum ball machine that had actual sprinkles in the globe. Oh! I wish I knew where that thing was.

I recently got the 3rd issue of Adorn Magazine and it featured a necklace with Shrinky-Dink beads. Of course, I have a packet of shrink-sheet in my collection of obscure craft supplies. So I whipped them out and drew my favorite designs--leaves, swirls, my logo, and of course farmlands. 2 minutes in the toaster oven (as a side note: I ditched my regular toaster for a toaster oven. Why does it take 13 minutes to toast toast? I don't really get it.) Anyway, I watched it curl up, and sure enough, it shrunk to about a quarter of it's original size right before my eyes! Amazing! I have my very own little tiny landscape. I'm thinking about maybe a small metal framed pendant---Oh Freshie....Maybe you could help out here?

Back to work. 2 days till the big switch over.

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Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:05 AM

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Are those Shrinky Dinks? I love the little orange one with the tree. Can I have it (hee hee)?

Posted by Blogger mohairpink @ 4:31 PM #

P.S. I love your clover bag. i'm supposed to be good these days and save my money to put into the house, otherwise I would have grabbed it. You are an amazing seamstress! Did you watch Top Designer?

Posted by Blogger mohairpink @ 4:34 PM #

Beth! Thanks for the shrinky dink tip on my blog! It looks so fun. I gotta try it. I haven't made shrinky dinks since I was a kid, carefully painting Disney characters and trying to stay within the pre-printed lines. I didn't know you can draw on blank ones!

Posted by Blogger Jess @ 8:44 PM #
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