Sunday, January 21, 2007

Let's all play along

I've been tagged by Kathleen to answer as honestly as possible the following really deep inquiry: state 6 weird things about yourself. So here goes. I've been thinking about it for a couple of days, because I didn't want to forget the importantly crazy stuff about myself.

1) I've broken my arm 4 times-- all under the age of 14. Twice on a bike, once after tumbling down stairs, and once playing basketball against my will.

2) I often have only my thumbnail painted with nail polish because I like to try out various shades at the drug store before I buy it. Today's shade is Sally Hansen Salon: So much fawn. I love this polish--another color I bought a couple of weeks ago stayed on like glue--and I can NEVER get polish to stay on. 2 hours later, it's usually chipped. Not so with the Fawn. Also, I've always thought it would be a great job to be the person who names colors. "tea stain" "Brick dust" "swampwater"--these are all in my house!

3) My nose is always cold--even though the rest of my body is nose gets cold. Probalby because it turns up so severly at the very end.

4) I hate Thomas Kincaid. 'Nuf said.

5) I'm a full 5 feet 12 inches tall, and that's pretty weird for a girl. And I NEVER played basketball (see above about broken bones.)

6) There are certain words that I despise: panties, satchel (I know, weird for someone who makes bags) and moist.

I'm going to try to find 6 people to tag--how about Deb, Jenn, Angela, Laura, and Heather, and Freshie.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:14 PM

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Hi Beth! Thanks for tagging me and I posted about my weirdness (though I guess I'm kind of normal because I had a hard time coming up with things.) It was fun posting about something a little different.

I don't like Thomas Kincaide either! :)

Posted by Blogger deb @ 10:30 AM #

I hate he word moist too! Thanks for tagging me. My 6 weird things are up and running.

Posted by Blogger Laura Gunn Studio @ 9:40 PM #

I also hate the word moist! Nice blog.

Posted by Blogger Jeanette @ 11:57 AM #
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