Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Oh my gosh, you guys! I'm so super excited about this stuff. When I was opening it last night after a long rainy and cold day, I actually started jumping up and down. Holy crap this stuff is awesome!

What is it, you might ask? It's bona fide 100% cotton quilting and upholstry weight fabric OF MY OWN DESIGNS. I took 2 of the drawings from our 2010 calendar and colored them in Photoshop, then sent them off to Spoonflower. Most genious idea ever, that Spoonflower.

Of all my skills, I think photoshop might be the most valuable. And my enormous arm reach (but that's more of a side effect of ginormousness than it is a talent). But seriously, I can do just about anything given Photoshop and a scanner. It's so much a part of my way of thinking that I sometimes fo to hit "command+z" in real life, only to find out that I'm not actually able to do that when not on the computer.

I colored these puppies to my heart's content, and then fiddled with them to make sure they would tile correctly. For the garden one, it really hurt my brain, but I think I have the process down now.

I created a login on Spoonflower, ordered a yard or so of each, and 2.5 weeks later, there I have it!! Amazing! It's a little expensive---$18 for a quilting yard, $32 for an upholstery yard, but that's okay. It was totally worth it when I got my package and those bright, saturated hues showed up exactly like I had seen them on screen. There are all these tutorials about how the colors show up purple instead of blue--but in my case, they look totally fine!

I'm posting some fat quarters in my shop--so that I can make more fabric without going broke. Let me know if you would like to see different quantities/colorways, and I'll work on that.

Did I mention I'm super excited!?!?!

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Posted by Beth Snyder @ 7:15 AM

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I love the chair fabric!!!!!

Posted by Blogger Busy Vee @ 4:27 PM #

Beth, The fabrics look great!! Now to decide what I want to make with the garden fabric . . .
aunt Susie

Posted by Blogger Susan @ 6:19 PM #

you are uber talented

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 9:39 PM #

ooo girl, dat pretty.

Posted by Blogger howard.laurena @ 11:05 PM #

will you teach a class on tiling patterns??


Posted by Blogger Kristi @ 4:01 PM #

I love love love it!

Posted by Blogger hezza @ 10:16 PM #
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