Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fun with Fotoshop

Warning: geekiness ahead.
Before and After

One of my favorite pics from our honeymoon. I'm reenacting the last scene of Gladiotor, with our farmhouse/agritourism in the background.

I have been playing with some fun trick in Photoshop.

First, this sharp focus on the central figure (Moi) is one from tilt+shift. (More info on what it ist here) I think they're just using the gaussian blur and making a mask over the parts that should be sharp. So I did this by hand in Photoshop.
1) Make 2 new layers
2) On the top most layer, make it very blurry
3) On the middle layer make it somewhat blurry (technical, eh?)
4) On the top layer, click on the mask button at the bottom of the layer palette, use the gradient tool on "reflect" and make the middle area of the mask black (this is the part that will be sharp. On this layer, you want the black area on the mask to take up about half of the page, right in the middle.
5) On the middle layer, make another mask with the gradient tool, and make it very narrow.
That's it! I know that probably wasn't a great tutorial if you're a photoshop newbie, but it's a start.

Second, I used the warm up action from Pioneer Woman. Have you guys seen her website? Holy crap! It's beautiful, simple, has food, recipes, and humor. And she gets like THOUSANDS of comments on posts. Why haven't I seen her stuff come up on any of the craft blogs I read?

p.s. I apologize for the title of this blog. It's one of my hugest pet peeves to make any two phonetically similar words be spelled with the same first letter. i.e. Karol's Krazy Kutz. HATE THAT.


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Oh and PW writes really well too! But I think you have missed her because she doesn't really do crafts...unless you consider cooking a craft. Check out her section on sushi under cooking. Marlboro Man got her a sushi chef for her birthday a few months ago! She makes my day usually.

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Really funny!!!

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