Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dinner and the Studio Project

I know I had a beautiful kitchen at my parents' house, but when there's already a nutritious hot dinner waiting for you when you get home, it just seemed pointless to spend an hour cooking. Now that we're on our own, and accustomed to good suppers, we're making an effort to actually eat dinner, and not just subway or takeout.

Last night I made Phat Thai from Chez Pim's recipe. I bought all the ingredients in Columbia at the Asian grocery store, and coaxed Jason into eating adventurously. It was pretty good, too, although I'd like to try the basic cooking method with simple stir-fry ingredients, like soy sauce and chili. I heart rooster sauce. I used my big ole saucepan that my cousin Kim gave me for the first time--and it is AWESOME!! I could have cooked 4 servings of Phat Thai in that thing. Amazing. It's totally worth all the space it takes in my pot cabinet.

And here is the current state of the studio. I'm working on it! It's actually a lot closer than it looks to being workable. I did end up painting over the turquoise walls. A nice off-white color. you can see that light is at a premium. I'm not sure how I'm going to work on that, but I will perservere!

I bought a rainbow print for the studio--I love rainbow colored things!! It came from Present and Correct.

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Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:25 AM

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I was so damn excited to talk with you yesterday, pre-pad Thai! Having lunch with Hez Sat then we are going to The G.O. (which moved to Berryhill, how sad would I have been if I still worked in Metrocenter?) ANYWAY: I'll say hi for you.

CANNOT wait to see the studio all gussied up, THEN to one day (fingers crossed!) visit + play in your studio.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 7:02 PM #
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