Sunday, April 19, 2009

The befores (and one "almost after")

You can go here to see the before pics with the old furniture in there.

This border is already long gone. I've decided that the cabinets are beautiful! At least I'm telling myself that because they're really good quality, only 5 years old, and I don't have the stamina to paint them.

We've (Jason, my parents) spent the last 3 days pulling 12 hour days painting at the house. And we have extraordinary good help too. My sisters and my friend Abby. Frankly, they all provide the comic relief needed. Jason's a roller and heavy lifter, and I'm the edge-master. I bought a nice angled edging brush, and I just go around all day painting little strips of paint everywhere.

Mmm. Peachy. Let's just say I really celebrated when I painted over the last of the ever-lovin' apricot color. And why do I want to say "Welcome to Taco Bell, would you like to try an Extra Greasy Saucy Cheesy Combo Meal to day?" when I see that archway. Alas, I'm just going to have to make it work. I'd really like to blow out that whole solid wall hiding the kitchen from the living area. Another day, perhaps.

See this entry way? I spent HOURS on a ladder painting this. Edging it was a little scary.

Yesterday mom and dad and Jason spent most of the day ripping up NASTY carpet and breaking up and scraping up tile. Then mom started stripping. Tile adhesive, that is. We're going to stain the concrete floors in the studio and part of the theater. And that is a b*tch of a job, pardon my asterisk. After a day with her head down in fumes, Chinese food for dinner and a margarita, Mama wasn't feeling so great. Oops! I hope we didn't break the Jean Machine! The sad part is there is STILL SO MUCH MORE TO DO!!

This is the theater room in the downstairs. This is before. Carpet=NASTY. Smoking, a cat and a dog and at least 16 years old. Ew.

Check out dad's suspenders AND belt. He's just that kind of guy today, post heart bypass.

The curtain in the shutters are going to be changed, but for some reason I kind of enjoy the shutters.

What color would you call this room up above this? We're having a bit of a debate about it. We're doing carpet where the tv will be, and concrete where Jason's studio will be.

My studio. I'm not really in love with the colors I picked, but I'm too stubborn to say so. I might end up repainting before I move in, but for now, it's Citron and French Blue.

You can go here to see the before pics with the old furniture in there.


Posted by Beth Howard @ 7:40 AM

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BETH! OK, I slept in this morn, just had to say that.
Went to Heather's for the first time (yeah, how many years have I known her?). The "Implements of Craft" print in framed and very prominent in her office.
Glad you kept the blog since the move because I get to see your MO world + look forward to seeing the transformation of a very dated split-level ranch to Beth + Jason land! When it's done I'll invite myself over + make the 7 hour drive.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 11:08 AM #

OH, Beth, that space is soooo great! Personally, I like the arched "window" that makes you think of Taco Bell. :-) And HOW AWESOME?! is the theatre and studio. Your house is going to be rocking and rolling in no time because you have a super crew! You're like Midas- things you touch turn beautiful and I know you'll put a Beth Beautiful touch on every room. Congratulations on your house purchase!

Posted by Blogger Tisra @ 2:22 PM #

Wow....Amazing! And so much fun awaits!!! Nothing you can't do with the craft fairy on your side...don't break her though. Congrats! Can't wait to keep seeing the progress!

Posted by Blogger kim @ 7:40 PM #

Can't wait to see the finish product.
What will Beth do next?

Posted by Blogger Jenny Ann @ 6:25 PM #

I agree with Jenny Ann: what will Beth do next? I am sure it will look stunning when you are done...

Posted by Blogger Kristi @ 5:52 PM #
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