Monday, March 09, 2009

Why I've been MIA

I had the most stressful week I've had in a long time last week. I'm just totally snowed under with things that I need to do for myself and for other people.

But, I do have exciting news! It's not all completely gone through yet, and I hope I don't jinx this in someway, but Jason and I are buying a house! It's in Fulton, Missouri, home of the famous speech by Winston Churchill, 2 small private universities, and restaurants, parks, etc.

It's exactly halfway between my work and Jason's, and about 15 minutes from where my parents live. We have to get the home appraised, but after that, we should be free and clear to close in mid-April. So I think we're out of the woods as far as it possibly falling through. Like I said, it was a stressful week!!

So here are some pics:

This border is going ASAP. And I think I'm going to paint the cabinets.

We hope to do a TON of style upgrades. The hardest thing is realizing that we can't do everything all at once. First up, the carpet--HAS TO GO. The seller was a smoker, and had a cat and a dog, and I'm pretty sure the carpet has been there for 15 years. We think there are hardwoods underneath the carpet, so keep your fingers crossed!

Overall, it's a great, solid home which has been well taken care of. And it's HUGE!

We never could have afforded this home in Nashville. I'll have a 12x18 studio, and Jason will have a huge lower area for a future theater.

Needless to say, I've been addicted to Apartment Therapy. I wish I could see some other before/afters of 1960's split levels. It's not really my favorite style, but we're going to make it our own.


Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:31 AM

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Went to Woodlands for dinner with Heather Friday- she says congratulations, I'll have to direct her to this post because you had not made it "offical" yet and she wanted to see pictures. ALSO my friend Sissy peeks in on your blog periodically and said that you are so creative and have the tallent make a 60's split-level ranch work.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 11:07 AM #

Welcome to Ful-tron! :) How exciting to have the prospect of your very own place.


it looks adorable. good luck/congratulations!

Posted by Blogger Katie R @ 7:00 PM #

I live in a neighborhood of houses just like this and people do amazing stuff with them. They have good solid bones and are made of things like wood instead of pressboard. You will do great things with it. CONGRATS!

Posted by Blogger hezza @ 10:58 PM #

Good luck with your new house!

Posted by Blogger alice @ 9:13 AM #

How exciting!!! The place looks huge!!! I just love that back porch...hullo cookout!!

Posted by Blogger Jenny Ann @ 7:16 PM #

Congrats!! So exciting. I have been to Fulton before to stay at a Bed and Breakfast. It'ss a really nice town.

Posted by Blogger GiDu @ 10:39 PM #
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