Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Craft night

Not to make my old Tennessee craft buddies jealous, but I think we may be starting a new tradition here in Missouri. Last night I went to Columbia (the coolest place around) and had dinner at a really delicious place. I had a Thai Caesar salad that was TO DIE FOR. Garlic and ginger were made to be together. I think I just crave really different tasting food, since in Mexico, where I work the most ethic thing is grease-and-cheese style Mexican food.

Anyway, back to the crafting. Here we have Carrie, my role model for living a simple, crafty life. You have GOT to go check out her etsy site. Seriously. Good. Stuff. Her house is really cool. I just like to wander around and see what she has sitting around. She's going to have a little art show at the end of April at the Mustard Seed, a fair trade store whose logo she designed. I'm always scheming a way for Carrie to make money doing art. She just keeps quietly being brilliant.

Here's one of Carrie's woodcut prints:

Abby and I sat in the living room and gabbed. She's working on a crocheted blanket for the next person who has a baby. And I'm trying to get her hooked on quilting. She's been coming over to my house to work on a One Block Wonder quilt. It's coming right along! All my evil plans are working! Soon she'll be addicted to fabric and there will be no stopping her!

I worked on some new drawings, but mostly, I just wanted to hang out with my friends. I've known Carrie for like 15 years, and Abby and I lived together in college. These are solid friends. I'm so very happy to live within 30 minutes of them.

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Meanwhile we are down here trying to get our s**t together, yeah, I'm mothah flippin' jealous.

(sorry, I spent 2 days singing "ain't no party like my Nana's tea party" over + over + over, nearly driving Tom insane)

One day I'll visit your Columbia, MO. One day.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 11:21 PM #

I linked into your blog from your husband, Jason's. Really enjoyed what you have going on here. I majored in printmaking at CMSU in Warrensburg, Mo but haven't really done much with it since (though I have done other things with art, so it's not a TOTAL wash). It is really inspiring to see what you've been working on though. Maybe I'll clean out the furniture graveyard in my basement so I can actually get to my silk screening table. HA-ha!

Keep up the good work!

Posted by Blogger kingcoyote @ 11:24 PM #

Wow! Cool fun stuff.....and on a school night too! Glad you have time with crafty friends wherever you live. Thks for the pics of your friend's great house too.

Posted by Blogger kim @ 8:24 AM #

I wish I lived close so that you could teach me how to be crafty. Oh well...see you in June!!!

Posted by Anonymous Dani Rockstad @ 4:52 PM #
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