Monday, February 11, 2008

Fun with Friends

Shona is about to drown in my pile 'o strips!!

Girls Gone Crafty
Volume II happened last Saturday. This time we packed up and headed to Jenn's for some deelish veggie chili and some nosy house-looking. I love to see how everyone does up their little corner of the world.

Jenn's place was very neat and tidy, but in an artistic way. It made me feel like I should throw all my stuff away and start from scratch. She has the same Stendig Calendar as I do, but hers really pops up against the greeny-yellow cheery kitchen.

Here is my latest work in progress--all these blocks are about 24 inches each--I'm trying to make a quilt for my bed and seriously de-stash my fabric shelves. I went through my overgrown scrap basket and separated it into "relates to brown" and "relates to black". These blocks are brown's relatives. It only took 2 hours to make 2 of these! Not too bad...except for all the time I spent cutting before I could get to this point.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 10:23 PM

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Fun! Girls gone crafty sounds like the new generation of "sewing circles" - just what today's modern gal needs!

That quilt looks so cool! I bet it's a relief to use some of your beautiful fabric scraps.

I'm sorry you've been sick but YAY so glad you're feeling better!!!

One more thing - I LOVE that yellow wall. Way cool.

Posted by Blogger freshie & zero @ 11:25 PM #

NO! Don't toss out everything in your house- I love your house.
Good times.
Good times.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 8:12 AM #

That sounds like fun! I love the look of your quilt in progress. I'm just about ready to dive in a quilt project of my own.

Posted by Blogger beki @ 3:10 PM #

That quilt is going to be AMAZING. Be sure to post progress, because it looks like it will be wonderful.

Posted by Blogger Susan Petersen @ 1:37 AM #
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