Monday, January 21, 2008

Here's to Happy Friends

Here are me and Jenn working on a little freehand machine quilting lesson. I WILL turn the whole world onto quilting. I WILL! Shona, Heather, Jenn and I had a loverly crafty day all day Saturday. I was in such a great mood afterward. We'll do it again soon!

I realized in '07 that I was surrounding myself with people with whom I have nothing in common. And on top of that, they were bringing me majorly draining stress.

2008's main resolution is to hang out more with people who 1) aren't manipulative 2) who actually give a crap about me 3) bring something to the table--like humor or creativity. and 4) do not bring DRAMA. Frankly, I just don't have time to care who hates who.

Bring on my crafty gals. We love each other and are pretty hilarious! Here is what we did this weekend. Heather, Shona, and Jenn (from Fayetteville and Van Leer Auction Fame) packed up their various textiles and fiber art (mainly knitting and quilting) and came on over. I made a pot of soup and set out all my fab craft books and magazines. I don't think there was one quiet minute for 8 hours straight.

Shona posted lot's o pics and the full tale. I couldn't say it better myself, so I won't. Please go check it out!

Go find yourself some friends who energize you!

Posted by Beth Howard @ 11:36 PM

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No YOU are the really great one! Thank you so much, this is such a nice post + I did have SO much fun with you guys, as always. I'm feeling a little bad about bringing house drama to the day, but I guess it's wasn't caddy (catty?), just life. Now we have to hound Jenn to see when we can come over to her house.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 7:58 AM #

hey, I 1) Give a crap about you 2) bring something to the table (even if it's just dinner) 3)have minimal drama (OK that may not be true, but refer to 1 & 2).
So I hope I'm in for 2008!

Posted by Blogger hezza @ 10:09 AM #
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