Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Art or Craft?

Well, I was feeling quite down on myself for not having much production to post. I mean, it's pretty bad when your mom sends you an e-mail to make sure you're okay because you haven't posted in so long. It's only been since Thursday, people! Here is a snippet: " I usually check your blog for info about you, but see there aren't any postings since Thursday. . . " How sad. But it is sweet that my mom checks my blog so often.

Excuse me for a moment while I go look out the window and see if I can see anything crazy going on outside. The police helicopter keeps flying over....on second thought, I'm just going to sit right here. I'm sure it's fine. That's what you get for buying a house you can afford instead of one in a "Little boxes, little boxes, little boxes made of ticky tacky little boxes neighborhood"

This is why my mom is worried about me. Anyhoo.

Tonight I was feeling like a really terrible sham of a grown-up. I often feel that I'm failing at adulthood, even though I'm now 27, officially a full-fledged adult. For example: After shopping on Saturday for healthy, fresh food, I came home today to consume some of the fresh produce. And IT WAS ALL MOLDY. Strawberries? Moldy. Peaches? Moldy. Lettuce? Moldy. Green Beans? Moldy. This is why it so sucks to live alone. I try but fail time and again to grocery shop only once, maybe twice a week, and cook my healthy food before it goes bad. But I end up with so much in the trash! Thanks to my mom, I have a pretty healthy fear of food poisoning (She teaches food safety classes), so if it's at all questionable or slightly funky smelling, out it goes. I wish I could buy food in single person servings without it costing an arm and a leg. Bahhhhhh! There is a conspiracy against singles. What do "they" want? All singles to eat fast food and grow fatter and thus lonelier forever?

Anyhoo. So back to crafts. I was feeling down, poor 27 year old can't keep her house clean, keep online billing straight, use food before it expires, or post blogs often enough to stop mom from worrying that she has been eaten by wild dogs. I decided to make an etsy post of my crafts poster. I was going through the stack of prints to weed out the good ones (and there are only about 10 usable or sellable ones) and I remembered that I had printed some without the orange blobs so as to watercolor them later.

Don't you just love coloring? I do. And I LOVE watercolor. I'll have to post some of my Italy watercolors from college sometime. It was so relaxing to listen to great music, a couple of crafty podcasts, and paint any color my little grown-up heart desires.

I posted it on Etsy, if you just can't live without it. More to come, I hope!

p.s. I cleaned my kitchen, scrubbed the floor and took out the trash too, which has gone a long way toward me feeling like I'm earning my Adult Badge.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 11:27 PM

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There's an adult badge???? Maybe I'll earn mine when I'm 40. I am dreadful with my cell phone + in 3 years of owning it have not figured out how to set-up VM. Mom has a bear of a time reaching me, but one day when she did she started the conversation by saying, "I knew you were alright because you have been posting on your blog."

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 8:35 AM #

You're so freaking crafty! I proud of myself just for finishing one of the six pillows I intend to make.

Posted by Blogger J. P. Morrison @ 3:41 PM #
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