Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Finally! A Print!

For the record, I reshot this pic 4 times, and I'm still horrified of it. What has happened to my photo mojo? The early morning lighting scheme just isn't working for me.

After 4 separate classes working on this print--and a saturday, too--I have a completed poster on my hand. The night I printed the orange run it was raining--so super muggy, and I had major problems with the print. And I've been seeing all these awesome perfect screen prints on Etsy that have no smudges, bloody inkspots, or splotchy places. But perfect I'm not, and it's just going to be okay to have some imperfections. It shows that it was made by hand, right? Hmm, I don't know if that floats in this situation or not.

Last night I printed the blue run, and I'm so very pleased with it. I kept stopping printing to admire my own little illustrations. I'm really enamored with them. And I'm modest, too!

Now I can go on about other printmaking lessons. I might sell some of the better prints on Etsy soon. I'll let you know. Or, if you really want one, send me an e-mail or comment and I'll put up a listing for you. I think I'll probably ask $25 for them. The posters are printed on printmaking paper and are 16 x 20 inches.

I'm going to print more from home later, but for now it's on to lithography!

Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:47 AM

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For a first time, don't be so hard on yourself! You're learning. I think it looks fantastic for a first go-around, great design, all around A+ (a grade given to you be someone with an art ed degree, but never used it). Printing in the rain...don't get me started on the trials + tribulations!

Hey! you on for lunch tomorrow? Check yo e-mail.

P.S. I've gotten some really great motel freebee postcards. I need to scan + send you a photo of my absolutely favorite cheesy postcard, I think it was sent from France.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 10:51 AM #

dude - i totally want one. that is so cute! you can list it on etsy for me, or maybe one day I'll have time to come to your work and bring you the table cloths... one day...

Posted by Blogger freshie beth @ 12:16 PM #

OK, that is adorable, I love your little illustrations and I think your technique is just fine, silly. Bring one to lunch tomorrow, I want it and I'll happily pay $25. I also have some fabric for you that will be excellent for purses, I'll bring it.

Posted by Blogger Hezza @ 8:54 PM #

me too...me too!!! I would love your artwork in my studio! I'll call you.

Posted by Blogger kim @ 7:55 AM #
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