Friday, June 22, 2007


If you take a look at the time stamp here, it's 4am, and I've been up since 2. Don't know why. I'm not stressed or anything. You would think that I would have had trouble sleeping in previous weeks, but truth be told, I was out before my book was on the bedside table. I just have an active mind, and sometimes I wake up at night and am so excited about any number of things that I just can't get back to sleep.

For one thing, I have more new things in my etsy shop than ever, and I've already sold one! Hooray! Now if I can just get it shipped. I wish I had a postal scale here.

For another thing, I'm really super stoked about my printmaking class. I'm pretty much sticking to silk screen, and throwing away all the other opportunities to do etching or litho. Oh well. The silk screening is really great for what I do. I have big plans to make yardage prints and sell them on etsy.

Last Monday, I went into class prepared, unlike the previous week. I think I kind of stunned the teacher. I said "Okay, I have a big plan." Then I whipped out these sketches that I worked on at my booth over the weekend. I intend to make a 16x20 poster print out of this image. I cut the background red blobs out of rubylith, and they will be a color. And the illustrations (which I'm mighty proud of, I might add) will be another darker color, say...turquoise. If it all turns out, I intend to sell those on etsy too. You'll be the first to know!

I just ordered 5 silk screens from this company out of new york for $60, so I intend to take advantage of my class time and make up several new screens. One of my biggest sellers last weekend was my hand printed fabric, so I'm going to try to answer the demand for more!

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Oh, I know about insomnia all too well.

I look forward to hearing all about it at lunch + we'll make sure you order a coffee drink so you can stay awake long enough to tell me all about it.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 8:43 AM #

Your illustrations are GREAT!! So have every right to be proud of them, if you do say so yourself! Can't wait to see the finished prints...keep us posted.

Posted by Blogger kim @ 11:13 PM #

i love it!!! cannot wait to see your progress on this (and all your other silk-screening endeavors)!

btw, I'm so down for a trip to that fabric store with you and shona!

.xo. Jenn

Posted by Anonymous Jenn @ 8:22 PM #
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