Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Studio

...As it will never be seen again! I've actually been trying to get the studio clean enough for a pic since I got my new work table BACK IN MARCH!! Horrendous! My friend and built it to my specs for a very fair price. She also makes custom furniture and excellent tables and chairs for kids. I especially love the cubby shelves that serve as the legs--more storage for crap! Um, I mean CRAFT. Yay!

Like a dumbass, I left home without uploading all the pics of the studio, so I'll have to do that tonight. But you can go look at what it looked like before right here

Again, I'm sorry for the lack of pics. Check back later tonight and I'll try to have it all imaged up.

Alright, now the rest of the pics are up. I went back and looked at the studio from last year this time, and holy crap. I have a lot more stuff now. I think I need to be making more stuff just to get the excess supply stock off the shelves. I really really need to have a garage sale. In fact, that's my goal for the summer: Have a garage sale, and also to sit my butt in a canoe at some point. Pretty simple, I think.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 11:01 PM

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Ok, I love the TV overhead- out of the way, by that I mean off that all too imporaint work space! It looks sparkle-rific *sparkle, sparkle* Ready for the next wave of creativity.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 3:07 PM #

Isn't it amazing how we crafty people accumulate so much stuff so fast?

Posted by Blogger freshie beth @ 11:54 AM #
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