Saturday, July 08, 2006

Studio Pics!

Here are some pics of my super-clean (well for me, anyway) studio. My mom and sister helped me stay focused and dedicated. I think they're not sure where my sense of mess came from. Following the big show, it looked like the studio exploded, but I had a lovely reporter for Today's Homes magazine come and interview me and take photos, so I wanted it all to look neat and tidy and creative.

I'm feeling a little scattered as of late--trying to focus and get some kind of crafty work done as opposed to spinning around and shopping. That's a terrible habit I have. I sometimes think I'd rather buy fabric than actually make something. Really, it's just another way of stalling.

Today I'm going to do some sewing and finish some round robin blocks sorely owed to my Aunt. I'll take some pics of them when I'm done, and also of my blocks which are so beautiful! All my cousins (-in-law), mom, aunts, etc have done a lovely job making blocks. So that's your teaser....until next time. Oh! and I have some ceiling painting pics to put up.


Posted by Beth Howard @ 12:47 PM