Friday, July 13, 2007

Overstocking my Collection(s)

The time of great fabric deals is upon us. Textile Fabrics on Franklin Road here in Nashville is having their summer 50% (!!) off all fabric sale. You must go! The more we buy...and when can you get this good of a deal?...the more new inventory they'll be able to get in. Now, I must say, their quilting cottons, the Anna Marias, the Denyses, and the Amy Butlers, are all regularly $11.98 per yard. So it's a little higher. But here in Nashville you can't find those designers anywhere but there. And at 50% off, they're just $6 per yard.

Countdown: T-Minus 25 hours until Fayetteville and the best bargain basement fabrics this side of the Mason-Dixon line! Here's my post about it from my last trip. That time I went by myself, but this time I'll have plenty of fun company. Ouch! says my check book!

Posted by Beth Howard @ 9:47 AM