Tuesday, February 27, 2007

There's nothing like a small town

First, the town. Fayetteville, Tennessee. For those of you around the world, outside my little bubble---I thought it would be fun for you to see that I really do live in the country. Well, I live in Nashville, but a very short drive out of town, and it's COUNTRY. Nashville is an incredible city to live in or visit. We've got country music, angels, the mafia, and plenty of outdoors activities. What more could you ask for? A HUGE discount fabric store, that's what. And about an hour south of Nashville in a little hamlet is the creme-de-la-creme, or cheesiest of cheese-grits as the case may be.

Here it is. Sirs Fabrics. It's a discount store that is truly a discount store. None of this "outlet" crap where they things are only 25% off. I'm talking $1 per yard, $2 per yard, and yes! 49ยข PER YARD!! Fabric overruns from JoAnn and Waverly to name a few.

Now, it's not a fancy place. Wood paneling, maroon-smocked workers (who were slightly surly, although I was entranced by their Southern accents, and tricked into thinking they were sweet), and a slightly scary public restroom won't impress the prissy folks out there. And in truth, you must keep a wary eye on the selection. It changes frequently, and some of the pieces are--well, very 1980's to say the least. But there are some real beauties in there too.

I know it's hard to see because it's camoflaged, but this is an entire table of camo!!

These are just a few of my beauties. They're incredible upholstery material--very durable-great patterns, and have inspired a whole new look in purses. Sorry, but you'll have to wait another day for those. Tease!!!

Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:57 AM

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Wow, nice post. Loved seeing all the fabrics. You guys there in TN have it MADE.

Posted by Anonymous casapinka @ 11:15 AM #

Ya gotta love Sirs. I have many memories of spending ALL DAY at Sirs with my mother and grandmother. I HATED it. Now I do the same thing to my kiddos:)

I grew up in Shelbyville but now live in Smyrna.

Those ladies are kinda grumpy.

Love your blog.


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 6:51 PM #
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