Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm out of clever titles

Sorry for the atrocious pic of the painting. I promise when I'm closer to being done I'll take a better pic.

I'm busy working in the studio. Memories of weeks of slacking off and having fun are wreaking havoc on my sense of guilt. Now I'm thinking "crank, crank, crank" Not in the "let's get stuff done" kind of way, but "crank" as it refers to Meth. I think I need some to get all the stuff done I need to do. Just kidding! (I wish....)

Last night I went to see Mamma Mia at TPAC. Fabulous! I painted a little when I came home, and I set the alarm for early in the a.m. to get up and paint. I wish the snooze button had never been invented. Oh well, I got in a good hour or so. I'm striving for more color, more blocky color, and generally a more graphic look than my last nashville painting. I'll probably be selling it at the American Artisan festival on Father's day weekend in June. I'm currently working out some good display ideas, and trying to be focused in my product line. I want to make one or two of all kinds of things, but I wonder if it might be smarter marketing wise to focus on a few really great things. I sort of feel like that's taking a risk. Plus, it really kills me to make 15 of something. And maybe part of my appeal is a one=of-a-kind thing. Thoughts? Anyone? Think of booths you've really loved at craft/art shows in the past. Which do you prefer: lots of items all different, or a few style or types of things in different colors or designs. In which booths do you feel more compelled to purchase?

Posted by Beth Howard @ 7:24 AM

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Hmm..I can't comment on the craft booth dilemma, but I must say I love the fabric on Carrie's bag and the floral bag in this post. I was thinking of something along these lines for my bag - a nice bold print with black, white, splash of color. I know you probably don't have time for it now, but just to get thinking about it.

Posted by Anonymous Cindy Lou @ 1:04 PM #
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