Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Si! Es Finito!

Kelly's painting is finally done. Without too much drama, I might add. I worked on it at the Craft fair in East Nashville, and I've been nit-picking and touching it up since then. Kelly picked out the song lyrics she liked best, and now it's all done and ready to go to her on her birthday later this week. (Gosh, I hope she doesn't regularly read this blog).

I'm working hard on my itinerary for pre-travel tasks this week. Up tonight: Journal and messenger bag making. And I have big plans for the journal, so just you wait, dear readers, just you wait!

I'm trying to get all my foreign currency in order and my taxes done, and wedding invitations printed and cut for some friends, and it's making my absolutely nuts that I don't have everything in place in my studio. I bought some great shelves and space-saving stuff from Ikea, but I don't feel like I have the time to get them all assembled. Miracle of miracles, I did put the stool together in less than 15 minutes and with only 4 tools from the tool box. That's pretty good for Ikea!

Posted by Beth Howard @ 9:17 AM

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Gorgeous painting Beth! The colors are bright and cheery and the 'swooshing' effect is divine. (excuse my lame attempt at critiquing artwork)

Posted by Blogger Mebsmommy @ 12:46 PM #

Thank you! That's so sweet! And "swooshing" is a perfectly good way to describe it.

Posted by Anonymous Beth @ 1:45 PM #
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