Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Springing forward

Holy crap I look like my mom in this pic. Except not as hot.

With my taxes all foldered up and ready to go to the accountant in the morning, I feel so relieved! I thought: Hey! I should make a list of all the things I want to do now that I don't have a huge deadline hanging over my head! (although, I'm sure there is a deadline out there waiting to drop down over my giant noggin.)

So here are some things I want to start working on. There are big and little goals, but all are important!!

1) design a line of hand-printed fabric and produce it, and sell it on etsy, and make myself a little niche, and generally take over the world
2)Finish my round robin quilt--all done but the quilting!!
3) Make more woodcut prints
4) work on art quilt with 3-D flowers
5) paint my new work table (!!!)
6) have a garage sale and get rid of junk
7) take good photos and update my etsy site
8) redesign my website
9) GO TO IKEA (I've been trying to go for months, and haven't been able to get there) I love that place. If nothing else, then for the swedish meatballs!
10) design wedding invitations for some friends
11) collaborate with local artist on a sculpture project
12) paint my sister's Christmas present
13) paint my friend Kelly's painting (she bought a 48" x 36" canvas!!)
14) piece together some more flying geese and maybe do it by hand (so I can have a take-along project)

I'm going to Barcelona in 17 days, passport gods willing. It was supposed to be mailed today. If it's not here by Friday, I'm calling them. It would really suck to be stuck here while my family goes on a Spanish vacation because I couldn't get my passport together in decent time.
Speaking of that--I know some of you are in other corners of the world--does anyone have any good suggestions for me about visiting Barcelona? Like any good art/craft related shopping or museums?

Here's my mama circa 1976, she was a homecoming queen candidate for her college. Very un-my-mom-like. We affectionately call her the German Task Master (sorry mom! Love ya!)

Posted by Beth Howard @ 11:06 PM

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Good luck- I hope you get your passport in time and enjoy your trip! :)

Posted by Blogger Toque (Lesley) @ 11:24 AM #

Hey, I resemble that remark! If I hadn't been the German Task Master, you wouldn't be where you are today! (no, not as in "400 miles from your mama, but the great craftster and artiste that you are!) Save a copy of the Tennessean with your quilt picture in it for me! Love,the German Task Master Herself

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 10:22 PM #

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Posted by Blogger freshie beth @ 12:35 AM #

In Barcelona - you must go to the Park Guell - a crazy huge park that Gaudi designed! The Sagrada Familia is also cool but it's in an eternal state of construction.

Posted by Blogger freshie beth @ 12:38 AM #
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