Friday, March 02, 2007

My 100th Post!!

How sweet is that flying geese pillow up there? I had this crazy compulsion to make it. Like I knew that it was completely impractical to spend 10 hours piecing and quilting it when I had bags to be cranking, but I love it so much!! It was nice to spend time mindlessly sewing instead of thinking "does this need a pocket?" "If I make this strap long enough for a giant like me, will a shorter person wear it well?"

I'm going to price that sucker accordinng to time. I don't even care if no one buys it. It looks pretty darn nice on my red couch.

I'm so impressed with myself for sticking with the blog-posting thing. I could never keep a diary as a kid, or now for that matter. I would go back and read what I had written and be horrified by my pompous dronings. But I like that I can post my artwork, and you can all see what I've been working on. If I start writing about who I have a crush on and why they don't love me back and what 7th grade girls are mean/stupid, then I will cease blogging. I must make a pact with myself never to do that.

I think I made my last bag before the Revolution of Craft this morning. Now onto booth design, merchandise pricing and packing.

Yesterday's tv appearance went well. I refuse to watch it myself because I felt like I was fairly fabulous, and I don't want to ruin that delusion. My boyfriend's critique mentioned my shaky hands and he said that it all happened too fast. Well, that's what TiVo is for, right? Or the internet.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 9:06 AM

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congrats on the 100th post!

beautiful bag. whats the fabric?

Posted by Blogger smarty pants @ 2:37 PM #

is that second black & white back the one that was in your segment on talk of the town? i am in LOVE with it! and your new styles you posted about the other day. yay!

i'm with you on the packaging, pricing, etc.-ing today. insanity!


Posted by Anonymous Jenn (knittyJenn) @ 3:17 PM #

To smarty pants--Thanks! It's a loosely woven cotton--sort of like a linen feel to it. I bought it at Sir's Fabrics for a lark. I know it's a Waverly pattern, and was probably intended for curtains.

Posted by Blogger Beth Howard @ 4:17 PM #

To Knitty Jenn--
you're so sweet! I can't wait to see your stuff tomorrow. I'm sure it will be a late night. It's so HARD to price stuff!

Posted by Blogger Beth Howard @ 4:18 PM #

Congrats as well on your 100th post!

I could have written your comments about bloggong word-for-word. I, too was intimidated by a diary when I was younger. I now love showing off my craftiness and jotting down a few random thoughts.

Anyway, I made one of your sling bags and it can be seen on my blog at

Thanks for letting me try out one of your designs!!!!!

Posted by Blogger Mebsmommy @ 6:38 PM #
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