Wednesday, August 09, 2006

News! of the Exciting type!!

I had a meeting yesterday with the aRThOUSE Nashville, it's on 12th Avenue, and I'm going to be on the fall roster to teach some classes. I love to teach, and since I (not so) secretly am trying to recruit a quilting group for those under 80 years old, it's great news! I'll keep it posted on here the exact classes, etc. once they are officially on the aRThOUSE's website. I do know that I'm teaching 2 workshops--Fabric Collage and Fabric Printing--like what's in the pic above. And later in the fall, I'll be teaching a beginning quiltmaking class. Hooray! Keep checking up here, and on the aRThOUSE's website, for class info. They're super nice people there, and have a great gallery, as well.

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Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:50 AM

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ok, i want to be the first person on the list to hear when the quilt group meets! i have been craving this ever since our little group dissolved and you are about to make me the happiest woman in nashville!

Posted by Blogger rostitchery @ 11:12 AM #
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