Monday, July 31, 2006


Here is the monstrous project I've been working on. I guess I was in a very "life is a never-ending circle" kind of mood. Also, I just wanted simply to make something pretty and flowery and leafy and birdy. Without anything having to be its' own self when it comes to color. It's like way. What is with the way I keep saying "my way" today? I must be having a bossiness crisis. I'm having a birthday in less than 2 weeks, so maybe it's old lady persnickedyesque behaviour sneaking up on me and my normally well hidden internal head-mistress.

It's hand-dyed and printed cotton in the background with cotton digital images printed and cut out and machine appliquedmachine appliqued on the foreground. I found lots of royalty-free images from Clipart, then imported them to Photoshop and tinkered with color and filters, printed them on pre-treated cotton ironed to freezer paper, and voile`. Simple, right? Hardly. I spent 3 weeks working on printing out all the teeny tiny pieces. The entire work is 16 inches by 46 inches. I intend to do some top-stitching and then stretch it on canvas stretchers. I've been thinking about this work for a while. It feels good to get it out of my system. And although I really love the way it's turning out, I can't think of any other ideas in this same vein. I think I'll go back to farm scenes for a while. Well, first I have the following things to finish:
1. Baby quilt for Elizabeth Catherine Newell
2. Circles quilt (It's a full-sized monster that I haven't touched since I don't know when)
3. Quilt blocks for my round robin quiltt
4. Screen printing with all the expensive supplies I just bought
updating my website before my magazine article comes out
5. Updating Etsy shop. (Not sure it's really worth my time, but who knows)
6. Write my proposal for classes that I want to teach at the aRThOUSE on 12th avenue.
7. Make a present for my parents' 30th wedding anniversary before it's their 40th, or they kill each other, whichever comes first
I'm too tired to type anymore. More soon!

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Posted by Beth Howard @ 11:49 PM