Thursday, August 03, 2006

New Design Board!

My teeny little studio (at least I have a studio, I know, I know) was crying out for a design wall. Something that I could use to put up little parts of projects and step farther away than the length of my own two arms to get a grip on whatever tedious process it was desperately in need of. This process is how I got into making 18 more blocks...yes, that's DOUBLE the original number of blocks...for my RRound Robin quilt Thanks, Kim. Ugg. Oh well. She and Lauren helped me make a couple of more blocks as part of a labor trade.

So anyway, the design wall is cotton batting tacked to my wall. And on the other wall, I've used some big ole hooks bolted in the ceiling that are supposed to be used to hang a bike from your garage ceiling. I'm so clever! Unfortunately, it was actually my dad's idea. Unfortunate because he thinks he's sooooo smart. It would have been better if he had just done it for me. Anyway, so I took dowel rods and ran them into the sleeves of the quilts, leaving their original dowels in there also, and voile` I have a great way to hang my quilts out of the way, all organized and not bunched up in a closet. "Parade!" I mean "Hooray"! My sister babysat a little girl who had the two words mixed up. But they both sort of carry the same feeling, no? Anyway. I'm making myself late for work....ta-ta!

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Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:56 AM