Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So a friend of a friend sent us this link along with this message "Check out this link. Hopefully you can see the photo on the right of the FedEx page. The book cover’s picture looks like your recipe stuff….Alan"

I couldn't imagine what might be on there, but was pleasantly surprised to find the book cover that I designed for BlogAid: Hope for Haiti a year ago. Apparently, FedEx has purchased Blurb, which is my favorite book making software.

Dinner With Julie Blog author (Julie) contacted me about creating a cover using the recipe card box image, and I was more than happy to help. It's so weird that a year later it's showing up on FedEx Office's website! I wish there was a credit for the artwork that linked back to our shop, but I guess that's a good lesson for making sure you know exactly how your artwork is being used. In this case, I guess it's not a bad thing. My brain keeps trying to think of the worst case scenario, and I guess there isn't one. Right?

Anyway, I suppose I should just be happy that they liked the look enough to publish it!


Posted by Beth Snyder @ 9:39 AM

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For a brief moment I was thinking they stole your image, but happy to hear (read) that it was all on the up and up. I guess those lenses you got really paid off.

Hope you and the family are doing well!

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 10:17 AM #

aw congratulations!!
i popped over from shona's blog

she's the sweetest!
the letterpress is lovely, if you tell me you did this in the last 10 weeks i will feel very optimistic about fitting other life around a baby!!

Posted by Anonymous rebekah @ 5:02 PM #
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