Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The cat is out of the bag

The biggest secret of the summer: We sold our recipe card box kits and address card files to Anthropologie! And it took a village to get them built, printed, assembled, and shipped!

My dad's workshop. He has officially made more than 1,000 boxes now. Whoa. This is what he did on his summer vacation.

Carrie and I printed and printed. I had to custom order special plastic packaging boxes since these will be on the shelves at Anthropologie and need to look nice!

After weeks of my mom and I and occasionally Jason packing boxes, two of my mom's sisters came over for one massive packing party, and we finally had all of them done!

Let's hear it for people who work for a good dinner!

Here's my sister Al with one of the boxes she found in the Kansas City, Missouri store! Go to your local store and see if you see them! And move them to the front of the shelves! :)

Seriously, though, this was a huge undertaking. One we are so excited about. We learned a lot of lessons about mass production and general pricing and business. Many MANY thanks go to my parents who work for free, and are always excited for us in every new adventure.

The final straw was shipping out 2 pallets of boxes. Let's just say it involved using the small-town good-old boy network and my mom driving a trailer on the highway with 2 pallets and white knuckles. UPS picked them up, and now they're all over the country!

Posted by Beth Snyder @ 8:24 AM

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GREAT STUFF!! So excited and love to hear this good news! You did it;)

Posted by Blogger kimhryn @ 11:12 AM #

yessssssssss! congratulations, you guys! - one of your dedicated fans in louisville, kentucky :)

Posted by Blogger jessie @ 8:34 PM #

Any sightings in the Nashville store yet? (If not, I'll let you know after Saturday).

Were your workers well treated + paid fair wages?

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 8:55 PM #

A huge Congratulations to you guys... well done. So nice to hear you have both the love and support of your family... don't take it for granted, that's very special.

Posted by Blogger by marie-nicole @ 10:41 PM #

SO proud of you! Heard about this via my twin, Kristi, who is a friend of Cherilyn. I will have my eyes open for these. How exciting!

Posted by Anonymous Kerri @ 5:19 PM #
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