Saturday, August 28, 2010

What we did today

(photo by my mom)

I'm dead-dog tired today. Carrie and I printed a total of 8 rounds of colors on our press, with washups in between all! We have all but 1 of our 2011 caledars done! Consider this your very sneaky peek. I might be posting the finished versions soon, but we're not quite ready to sell them yet.

We've been super busy with 1canoe2. Carrie's family's corn maze starts in a week, and we're getting (gently) kicked out of our space at the barn while it's going on. This will involve our beloved presses and paper cutter going 1 mile down a dusty gravel road on the front of a tractor. I've asked to not be present, so as not to have a heart attack. Sooo we've been printing like crazy in an effort to be efficient.

We're also working on a website, possible holiday cards, and generally getting our ducks in a row for the holiday season.

Oh yeah, and I'm pregnant. 20 weeks along, and have been super sick, so there's my excuse for not posting all summer. It seems like all I can muster is the energy to draw a teeny bit, ship orders, and keep 1canoe2 going. Not to mention, my blog time is usually early morning, and let's just say those haven't been pretty for several months. Here's hoping for a healthy happy baby on the ultrasound next week. I'm thinking that will be the moment it all sets in. There will be a baby here on or before January 15th! Then I'll get a luxurious 8-12 week vacation. HA!

Posted by Beth Snyder @ 9:52 PM

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I still have to respond to your last e-mail that you sent with this news. I don't want you to think that with all you announced you would never hear from me again.

Equipment transported on a gravel road on a tractor?!? Yeah, I'd have to hit the Valium for that event.

Be well, my friend!

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 9:23 AM #

Wow! Congratulations on the news! That's going to be awesome (and tiring) for you!

Looking forward to seeing the new calendars too!

Posted by Blogger kingcoyote @ 12:21 PM #

Love your t-shirt! Whoever designed those must be a genius!

Posted by Blogger Jenny Ann @ 11:51 PM #
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