Friday, April 02, 2010

We've gained some weight

This could also be called: "We Bought a Guillotine Paper Cutter and Got a Free Letterpress" I'm so freaking exhausted from my day, but I wanted to share a timeline of events with you.

Last Friday: insomnia led me to a Craigslist ad at 4am that resulted in me calling this guy 3 hours from here.

Monday: Carrie's dad gives the go-ahead to get a new press and a paper cutter. He says he will help us. He will regret this.

7am: meet at the barn to throw all imaginable tools into the truck.

8am: Take off in the HUGE 26' dock-height truck for Southern Missouri

11am: drive up to a very ramshackle building with this terrifying dock. Yikes.


11:05: realize that the forklift doesn't work, the pallet jack doesn't reach high enough to lift the press, and there is a 6 inch tall, jagged edged step which we must get the press up.


12:00: Seriously rethink getting the press. Maybe we just get the paper cutter


12:15: Carrie's dad finds a 1/4 inch steel punch, chips away at a concrete crack, and threads the punch through part of our paper cutter in order to jack the press. Look at all thos printing blocks!

12:15-2:00: Alternate wedging old print blocks and the ill-fitting pallet jack in order to get the press up the step.

(There aren't many photos here because I was busy biting my nails.)

2:00: Carrie and I stand on the paper cutter for more leverage to pull the press up the ramp.

2:30, move the paper cutter into the truck

2:35: move the press onto the lift gate, which promptly sinks 6 inches. Carrie's dad says "Crud" and we all nearly had a heart attack. The owner said "Well, that would be a bummer". The motor held, though, and we put it up in the truck, strap everything down and blow that poop-filled chicken coop. You think I'm kidding.

6:00: get caught in traffic because of rain


7: Arrive at the barn finally, Carrie's mom brings us fresh iced tea, and Carrie's brother comes up to help us out.



7-8:00: Unloading, anxiety over height of truck to door, width of new pallet jack, and much pushing.


8:15, move everything into place. Go home. Collapse. Write blog before I forget everything.


I don't want to ever move ever again. The funny thing is, Carrie's dad says that it really wasn't that different than any other day on the farm. Well, I'm sure glad that's not my job. I would need to be on blood pressure meds!

The new press needs some work, but the paper cutter should work right away. I guess now we have a backup! We'll have to pour a little money in to the new press, and the previous owner hadn't used it in 10-15 years, but never cleaned up the ink, so it has melted one of the rollers and dripped absolutely everywhere.

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Posted by Beth Snyder @ 11:20 PM

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You could never have does any of this in Nashville, you didn't have this sort of support team. Miss you loads, but moving back home has been quite an amazing adventure for you.

p.s. meeting up with Jenn + Aaron today.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 8:14 AM #

Congrats on getting the press! Looks like quite an effort.

Posted by Blogger Elaine @ 11:03 PM #

where on earth is your studio? it looks beautiful. good luck with the new press- when they work, they sure work!

Posted by Anonymous colleen @ 6:28 AM #
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