Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Prints up in the shop!

After several weekends of printing custom print jobs--wedding invites, cards, etc., we had a free weekend to catch up on some of our own neglected prints.

We printed 4 of my states series.

We're starting to phase in the states printed on the big press, as opposed to the ones printed on my small letterpress. The impression and overall print quality is far superior!

I've still got the drawings done for several of these that I haven't printed yet.

Look at that impresion! And our color choices have gotten SO much better after we bought the Pantone color book. Even when our recipe isn't quite right, it's so much closer than we used to be able to get it. Transparent white is the secret! I'd really like to try layering some colors that use a lot of transparent in the future--like maybe a cool plaid or something?

Posted by Beth Snyder @ 4:00 PM

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Did I ever tell you about the woman in a history class + her issues with not being able to identify New England? She couldn't get past the fact that it was a region and not a state + her #1 argument was football team The Patriots- if it's not a state, why would they have a football team? The story goes on from there, but it amounts to about 15 minutes of class time with the prof + many people in the class taking a shot at helping her to conceptualize New England!

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 8:03 AM #

so fun! you know me and the states- love it! I watched how the states got their shape on the history channel this weekend. So fun!

Posted by Blogger Katie R @ 3:43 PM #

If you letterpressed plaid my life would be complete!

Posted by Blogger Margy @ 11:32 PM #
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