Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Press, Twitter and Gals about Town

We're on Apartment Therapy! Sweet Kimber from the DC staff wrote a great little piece about us. Check it out here.

And we're reluctantly joining Twitter. I would complain more, but we've already got some custom orders out of it, and Julia Rothman follows us. She is pretty much my illustration idol.
Follow us here. I can't promise lots of tweets, but it's pretty fun, actually. I've certainly seen some great links from other people, and it's nice to be able to chat back and forth with people I have so much in common with. And okay, so I might follow @johncmayer. Sue me.

Here's the link for our Twitter feed.

Finally, we're gals about town...or world. Universe is next! Here are all of the brick-and-mortar stores where you can find 1canoe2 goodness!
--Little Otsu, San Francisco
--Greenwich Letterpress, New York City
--Ephemera, Des Moines
--Paper Love, Brooklyn
--Cube Marketplace, Los Angeles
--Papel Paper & Press, California

and we're working on more! I have an order from a store in England right now, and inquiries from all over--Germany, Texas and beyond!

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Posted by Beth Snyder @ 8:15 AM

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Twitter gives me a headache. I love Shaq (not romantically, I'm a huge fan + I'm 4 days older than him so I count him as my celebrity b-day pal, even though it's really Jon Bon Jovi) + he has the #1 Twitter following, or some mess like that. I saw his page + did not know what the %#&@ was gong on.

I won't sue you. Are you sorry you missed the Nashville concert? A friend went, she had no clue who he was (I know, I know, she got free tix) + had no clue what his apology was all about. But she thought he was really cute.

Oh, and a big CONGRATULATIONS on the Apt. Therapy write-up

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 10:05 AM #

SUPER congratulations!!!

Posted by Blogger Tisra @ 11:31 AM #

Hi Beth! I found your blog a few years ago, i think at the time you were sewing purses and bags for some fairs.... way before the press arrived :) I just wanted to say congrats on your newest adventure and all of its success- it's awesome to see your letterpress creations taking off like hot cakes!

Posted by Blogger Heather @ 9:09 PM #

Yay Beth! I'm so excited for all of your success! We should trade business cards to stick in our outgoing orders!

Posted by Blogger freshie (and zero) @ 10:13 AM #

Beth you should totally make trailer mobile home papercraft houses. Deliciously trashy with pink flamingos and broke down car in the front yard.

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