Friday, January 08, 2010

Random cooking from 2009

Over the New Year's weekend, Jason and I got some weird hunch to cook all kinds of random food we wouldn't otherwise undertake. I think we were getting a mild case of cabin fever!

Here is Jason making his first batch of cookies ever. (Monster cookies. The batch of dough was so huge that we didn't have a big enough bowl.) What? That's right. He didn't even know about the creaming the sugars and butter concept. This may not seem terribly strange, but for a guy who likes cookies as much as Jason, you would think he would have tried this out before. And check out his house slippers! And that manly stance. I think he was trying to tell the universe that he's still a man, cookie making or not.

I tried my hand at homemade donuts. Not worth the effort. First, a huge vat of oil is a giant mess. Second, after you eat 2 donuts, you're done, and then we had 20 left! The don't exactly keep very well.

I seriously burned the first 3. I like that you can see the progression.

The donut holes in cinnamon sugar were pretty good. That might have been better than the whole donut. Jason enjoyed them! After the donut session was done, the next day I used the oil to make fried cheddar bites. Also a rounding failure. I think my deep-frying days are through. Wait. I still want to try to make a funnel cake.

Here are some random photos from our holiday celebration. Food is so much more fun to photograph than people or presents, right? My cousins Erin and Paul made the delicious desserts for our "shooters" style holiday feast. Everything came in bite sized amounts! Buffalo dip, seven layer dip, meatballs, all in tiny shot glasses!

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I love the "shooters" idea. It makes so much more sense then all those leftovers. BTW, I bought one of the bike prints for a gift and it was a huge hit! Thanks again.

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