Friday, January 01, 2010

The last good picture of last year.

If I wasn't such a baby, I would have stood out here all night and driven all over farm country to get a better photo. But it was windchill of -5. Probably. And it was too dark for my camera to focus.

I did have the advantage of my giant trash-bucket car, though, because I actually had my tripod in the back seat.

Just because I'm me, I'll feel better if I admit what's wrong with this shot. Here are the things that make this unviable as a cover photo:
1) ISO way too high=grainy
2) there was probably a better vantage point somewhere, but I almost got my 2 wheel drive car stuck getting to this point, so I wasn't feeling brave
3) It's a little soft on the focus

There. I just needed to say those things. I was thinking that it would be great cover potential, but alas, I was too cold and hungry to stick it out.

Posted by Beth Snyder @ 8:20 AM

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Hi Beth - What type of camera do you use? I think it's a great photo! I love taking pictures, but am not up on the knowledge and am hoping to learn more this year. Thanks for any photography information you pass along! Happy new year!

Posted by Anonymous Susan Godshall @ 12:28 PM #
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