Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I took advantage of the long holiday weekend to do some long-awaited sewing. I know. There was a time this fall when I thought I would never turn on my sewing machine ever again.

I've been meaning to so something with my very own fabric!
And I thought this was the perfect opportunity. Originally, I was just going to make a zippered pouch, but of course I got carried away. I still want to make a zippered pouch, but maybe I'll use my garden fabric.

I'm still trying to figure out how to sell these pieces of fabric. They're so expensive for me to purchase! I have a few pieces in my shop, and need to take photos of some of the others.

And I have plans to make so much more fabric! It's just a matter of having the time. It's always about having more time. Doesn't help that I most cooked random food and watched movies for the 4 day weekend I just had. Hey. Sometimes you just need to veg.

I have so many unfinished sewing projects hanging over my head! A states quilt which I did work on, and a round robin mystery quilt for quilt fest, and 2 unfinished quilts that are even sandwiched together and need quilting. I just don't have the time. Maybe the craft fairy might help me out. Hmmm.

Posted by Beth Snyder @ 8:02 AM

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You'd be proud of me. One of my resolutions is learning how to sew a simple A-line skirt.
Wish me luck!!

Posted by Blogger Jenny Ann @ 4:22 PM #
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