Wednesday, December 30, 2009

'Twas a very Etsy Christmas

This Christmas, I was sort of stern with my family about my gifts. (I just accidentally typed "fits" maybe that says something? Nope, can't be that.) Anyway, I requested repeatedly that they purchase things for me off my Etsy favorites list. Mostly because the things I truly want that I won't buy for myself come from there. And they really came through!

First, here are a couple of things I bought for my sisters:

Two clutches from LittleEllie. Adorable! And so super well made. I never could have sewn them such lovely things myself. At least not without hours of ripping out seams.

And now for my loot!

This Regency screenprint from Alphabets (Thanks, Allison!)

This butterdish from CreativewithClay (Thanks, Al!)

This purse from asaborake (Thanks, Mom!)

These earrings from schlomitofir. Thanks mom!

These letterpress coasters from 12fifteen and also
these earrings from BenandOliver. (Thanks Larny!)

It was so lovely to get handmade gifts for Christmas. Having my own shop makes me realize how much work goes into each item. Even if it's just the shipping and packing, I know some little one-woman-outfit somewhere packed up this little gift which my family thought I would love. It's a win-win situation.

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Tom said I have an unfair advantage in the gift giving department.

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