Thursday, December 03, 2009

Scenes from days just before a show

No time to write! Must sign, cut, stack, assemble, tie, box, and oh, yeah, ship out holiday orders!

Life is good, if busy. Thank you to all of my sweet friends and family who have sent me messages and phone calls with encouragement! I'm sorry I haven't returned all those messages, but I promise I will after this weekend.

Please come see us this weekend! Renegade Chicago is going to rock your holiday socks off. There'll be great vendors there to buy gifts for everyone on your list, and probably a few for yourself as well. Saturday and Sunday, 11am to 7pm, Pulaski Park Fieldhouse, Chicago, IL. RENEGADE HANDMADE!

Posted by Beth Snyder @ 9:02 AM

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Wow...look at that! I'm so sad I don't live anywhere near Chicago. I would so be there! Good luck!

Posted by Blogger kim @ 4:31 PM #

Good Luck Biff!

Posted by Blogger My Pal Al @ 4:58 PM #

I hope Renegade knocked your socks off! I can't wait to hear about it - I hope I'm on that list of phone calls you will return. :)

Posted by Blogger freshie (and zero) @ 12:27 AM #
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