Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just a few things

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

These here are a selection from my Etsy favorites. Hopefully I made enough of an ass of myself to my family this year that they got the hint and bought somethings off here.

A few of the items, like that yellow necklace from SofiaMasri, are from people I met at Renegade in Chicago. A few I've found browsing around Etsy.

I'm hooked on using Etsy's favorites and browsing my favorite shop's favorites too because it's yet another way to narrow in on the cool stuff and bypass everything else on there. Etsy is getting more and more popular, and therefore more crowded. I'm pretty sure if we had started our 1canoe2 shop back 4 years ago we would have blasted off. As it is, we're doing great! Almost 600 sales, and I'm not complaining at all! But I've had to work my butt off marketing, instead of it all coming to me. Just an observation. It's working for us either way.

This holiday season has been jam packed for me. Jason and I did stop to make several batches of cookies last weekend and put up the tree. I'm so thankful for a business that doesn't require me to be producing things right up to the last minute. All my prints are finished, signed, and in the "warehouse" ready to be shipped. I've been coming home and eating dinner and sitting on the couch with my 2 favorite guys for the last 2 weeks. I've even done a load or two of laundry and wrapped some presents. It's been great.

Enjoy the rest of the season! It only comes once a year!

Posted by Beth Snyder @ 6:17 AM

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As someone who opened their Etsy shop nearly 4 years ago I'll definitely say it was a whole lot easier back then. You are much more aggressive than I in terms of marketing + for now my I'm relying on repeat customers, word of mouth + website/ blog mentions.

Those are some mighty fine picks + since I clicked the links to several + they all appear to be sold out, it seems that you will have a wonderful Christmas morning.

Best wishes to you, dear friend.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 10:13 AM #
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