Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My love for Blurb continues

My honeymoon book is finally done, and you can see the whole thing online at fabulous Blurb!

I really love how it turned out. The cover is awesome, and I included my sketchbook pages and watercolor paintings from the trip.

Now for my plee: I know this is shameless begging. I don't ask much for all these pages of delightful drivel ... do I? But I NEED you to go vote for my book.

Blurb is running a competition for the best book, and after you see some of the others on their website, you'll agree (I hope) that I could be in the running for winning $3000!!! You can also go on there and see the whole book in preview mode. And like I said before, I think it's pretty great. The photos look dark, and I hope that it looks better in person.

So just go to this page and vote!! PLEASE! I just need to get voted into the top 15 books by website visitors, then the jury will take over and I won't have any control.

I love you guys! You love me too, right?...right? Uh, guys? Hello?

Just because I love you, here's another photo of Walter from the weekend.

He wants you to vote, too. Maybe if I will $3000 I won't make him wear this sweater anymore.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:37 AM

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One day I will give him a big kiss!

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 10:54 AM #

that is the cutest little picture ever. I LOVE him!

Posted by Blogger Lauren @ 4:38 PM #

Love the book...I voted!

Posted by Blogger mascanlon @ 11:18 PM #

I can't wait to look at this on the big 24" screen at work!

Posted by Blogger hezza @ 11:33 PM #
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